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We share your goal of providing excellent service to your residents. Our billing program offers timely, accurate billing combined with excellent Customer Care. We strive to manage the billing program with minimal community staff involvement. This gives your staff time to focus on managing the property instead of managing a utility program.

Your Account Representative will work very closely with your community personnel during every phase of the startup process to ensure a smooth implementation of the program. We provide the necessary information, support, and training to ensure the program is an ongoing success.

>> Resident Invoices
>> Customer Care
>> Payment Processing
>> Resident Collections
>> Management Reporting
>> Meter Reading
>> Meter Maintenance

Resident Invoices

The accuracy and reliability of our resident invoices is unprecedented. Our billing system was written specifically for OnePoint Technologies, Inc. by our own team of IT professionals using state-of-the-art technology. Bills sent to residents are clear, concise and easy-to-read. Our print and mail process uses the most sophisticated postal software available to ensure quick and reliable delivery of resident invoices.

We can perform billing for utility services including electricity, water, sewer, gas, and trash removal. Other types of services that we can bill include rent, pet fees, parking charges, garage rental, cable television fees, Internet service, and other amenities.

Auditing of utility rates and resident activity is done on a regular basis to ensure the most accurate billing possible.
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Customer Care

Good old-fashioned Customer Care is critical to our success and will always remain our top priority. Courteous, knowledgeable Customer Care Representatives will always be there to care for your residents by answering their questions or concerns. You and your residents will speak to a human being, not a recording. No menu options to navigate!

A toll free Customer Care number is available for customers outside of the local calling area. We also offer bilingual assistance for our Spanish-speaking customers.
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Payment Processing

Processing of resident remittance payments has been streamlined and automated to ensure quick and accurate posting. Our payment processing is done in-house. This guarantees the accuracy of the posting process because no one knows our customers better than we do. We take great care to ensure payments are applied quickly and accurately for problem-free resident ledgers.

We also provide residents a convenient way to pay their bills online with their credit card.
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Resident Collections

We have developed tools to dramatically improve resident collections. Your Account Representative will work with you closely to develop a collections procedure that is right for you and your community. Many different programs are available that will dramatically reduce or eliminate collection issues.
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Management Reporting

Our simplified and concise reporting makes it easy to track the success of the billing program. Our reports have evolved over time giving communities the information they need. Our customized reports can be delivered at any time and in any format desired. A sampling of the reports we provide on a regular basis is:

  • Resident Delinquency
  • Resident Aged Receivables
  • Billing Detail/Summary
  • Occupied/Unoccupied Usage
  • Reimbursement Summary
  • Account Activity
  • Faulty Meter
  • Exception Warnings for High/Low Usage
  • Resident Past Due Notices
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Meter Reading

We will obtain the utility meter readings on a designated schedule each month. These readings are used for calculation of resident consumption and associated charges. Our team of metering experts can obtain readings from any metering system your community may use including manual readings, touch pad readings, or reads from AMR (Automated Meter Reading) systems.
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Meter Maintenance and Repair

Each month we provide community personnel with a list of suspected faulty meters. To prevent estimation of resident consumption, we recommend keeping your metering system in good working condition.

Our team of metering experts can install and maintain almost any metering system at very reasonable prices. Metering equipment maintenance and repair is available on a Time & Material basis or we can provide you with a customized maintenance service agreement.
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