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I transferred to another unit, but am not able to see my new account online. How can I login?

To resend your validation email, proceed to the login page. Under the password box on the login page are several links. Please click “Forgot my username” and enter your account number and last name where prompted. A message will then display telling you your account has not yet been validated and to click a link to have the email resent. Please take a moment when this message appears to verify the username it displays and ensure the email has been entered correctly. If you notice a typo in the initial email used to set up the account, please proceed to the “Create a OnePoint Account” link and set up the account again using the corrected email.

I entered the wrong email (or entered my email with a typo). How can I fix it?

If you realize you have entered your email incorrectly or want to change the email you used and have not yet been able to validate your account, please return to the main login page and select the option to create a OnePoint account again. You should be able to enter all the same information you entered previously as it is associated with your account along with the updated email.

I have forgotten which email I used to setup my account. How can I find out?

To retrieve your username, please proceed to the login page at myonepoint.com. Under the Password box on the login page are several links. Please click “Forgot my username” and enter your OnePoint account number and the last name on the account when prompted. Your username will appear in red letters above the account number field.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

To reset your password, please proceed to the log in page at myonepoint.com. Under the password box on the login page are several links. Please click “Forgot my password” and enter your username when prompted. An email will then be sent to you with a temporary password.

Once you have successfully logged in with the temporary password, you will be prompted to change the password to something personal for security purposes. Once this is completed, please login again as usual using your new password.

How can I change the username associated with my account?

To update the username associated with your account to another email, please log in to your account at myonepoint.com using the current email. Once logged in, please proceed to your user profile. This can be accessed by clicking the link on the left hand side of the page that reads “Click here to modify your user profile.”

The second option from the bottom labeled “Change Your Email Address/User Name” is the section you will need to complete to update your account. Simply enter your new email address and click “go” to update your username. You will then be able to log in using the new email. This does not update your ebilling email if you receive your bills via email. See “How do I update my ebilling email?” for further information.

How do I update my ebilling email?

Once logged in to myonepoint.com, please select the option to update your profile on the left side of the main page. You will find the option to update your ebilling email in the options on your profile page. If you wish to update this information with customer service, you may also call us at 770-528-5999 or email us at customerservice@onepointtech.com with your account information and updated email and we will be happy to make the change in our system for you.

I have multiple OnePoint accounts. How can I login to each one online?

Using one of your account numbers, please create a log in on our website, myonepoint.com. Once completed, you will need to link your subsequent account numbers to your username. To do this, please log in to your account using your current email and password. Once logged in, click the option on the left side of the page to update your user profile. The very last option on the profile page allows you to link multiple accounts together. Please type your account numbers in this box one at a time. This will link your other units to your username so that you may view all of your accounts under one login.

I created an online account, but do not see an option to pay online. Why?

If you do not see an option online to pay, you may live at a site that does all of their collecting in-house at the leasing office. This can be confirmed by reviewing your monthly statement. On the right side of the bill, under the account information, it should read “Remit to Leasing Office.” If this is the case, please contact your leasing office for further information on available payment options.

I recently moved out of my apartment. Why is there no longer an option to pay online?

Once your property management confirms your move-out information and requests official closure of your account, they also inherit the final balance remaining on the account, including any previous bills or past due balances. Please pay any remaining balance due on your account directly to the property management at your complex. Please inquire directly with your property management for the specifics on their final bill process as they may occasionally opt to deduct your final bill from your security deposit.

My credit card or eCheck payment was declined. How should I proceed?

For credit card payments, please verify all of the payment information you entered was correct. The most common typos occur in the card number and the security code on the back of your card. You may also want to verify the billing address you have entered matches the information on file with your financial institution. If you have verified this information and are still receiving a decline message with your credit card transaction, please contact your financial institution directly for further assistance. Please note that there is a duplicate payment safety built into our website that requires 30 minutes to pass between payment attempts.

For eCheck payments, please contact TeleCheck directly for further information on the decline message you are receiving. They may be reached at 1-800-366-1054.


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