Life is Complicated Enough.

Your Utilities
SHouldn’t Be.

Everyone has to deal with utilities, so why are they such a hassle? At OnePoint, we believe in making your life easier. That’s why we’ve simplified the process and given you options that fit your needs and schedule–and it’s really not that complicated. We believe you should be able to pay your bill in the way that’s most convenient for you and you should have a Customer Care team that can answer your questions.

We are highly trained problem solvers. We are up-to-date on the latest technology, regulations, and trends in the utility industry so we can resolve any issue in less time. OnePoint is also constantly looking for new ways to help you save money by conserving resources. This is what makes our commitment to our customers and the environment unlike anything else in the industry. Experience the difference.


Your life is complicated enough, but that doesn’t mean your utilities need to be. We give you options that work within your schedule and fit your needs, like convenient bill-pay choices and responsive customer service.


OnePoint is always looking for ways to save you money by conserving resources. Protecting the environment starts with us. We constantly monitor your consumption month-by-month to detect leaks and offer e-billing to conserve trees.


Our Customer Care team is available to answer your questions in a timely manner, resolving utility issues quickly. Our job is to save you time and money. With OnePoint you’re not just a number, you’re our customer.


We are dedicated to customer service, accurate billing, respectful service, and environmental conservation. Our commitment is helping you save money by saving resources. Our promise to you is that OnePoint will simplify your life.

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